Cloth Diapers

Buy 10 diapers or more and save 10%.

Choose at least 10 diapers among any of our categories and add them to your cart – voilà! * This promotion only applies for diapers at regular price

cloth diaper liners usa

Cloth Diaper Liners

When you buy 5 packs of bamboo liners or more, a discount of $0.50 will apply on each one of them!

extra large nappy wet bag kit

Trial Kit

$ 42.50

Our trial kit includes everything you need to try our cloth diapers and see how convenient our products truly are! Perfect as a gift or even as a supplement to your existing diaper stash, our trial kit includes:

  • 2 cloth diapers of your choice
  • 4 bamboo inserts
  • 1 small wet bag
  • 1 cloth diaper liners
washable feminine hygiene pads

Feminine Hygiene Pads

When buying 5 packs or more, save 10% per pack! Valid on pantiliners, daytime hygiene pads and nighttime hygiene pads at regular price.

quality cloth diapers online

Twins discount code

Having twins? Double congratulations! Get in touch with us now to receive your unique promotional code!

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